We are a family oriented business catering to residential and
small business customers. We are small, just like most of our clients.
Customer service is our #1 priority.

ABOUT USBefore we launched Khan Graphics & Photography, we spent few years doing freelance work. This experience allowed us to build confidence in our creative work which brought more opportunities to our doorstep. As our portfolio grew, we became more and more serious about taking our freelance work to the next level. Finally after much deliberation, we launched Khan Graphics & Photography in 2011. When determining our official name for our business, we were debating whether to go with "design" or "graphics". We ultimately decided that "graphics" was more relevant to the services we provide because "design" was simply too general of a term. But because we had to fulfill that business formality we decided on "graphics". Still you will often hear us use these terms interchangeably because of how closely related they are. Regardless, whether you see our business more "graphics" oriented or "design" oriented, rest assured that you will get the most superb service from people who are professional, friendly and personable.

TECHNICAL BACKGROUNDOne aspect of our business focuses on graphic/design services such as website design & development, logos, adverts, business cards, brochures, invitations, greeting cards, etc., while the other aspect--as given by the title--focuses on digital photography. For an almost complete list of services, please see our services page. We are all about Adobe. Most of the design work that happens at Khan Graphics & Photography is done using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Indesign. For video editing, we use Adobe After Effects. We use Adobe's software suite for one obvious reason: there isn't anything we can't do using it. Not to mention, these software have now become the industry standard. For photography, we use some of the greatest camera equipment that's out there including DSLR cameras with powerful lenses and external flashes, studio lighting as well as a whole range of accessories that come with this stuff. You will have to see it to appreciate it. Please see our services page for a list of photographic services we offer.


Chicagoland Area and beyond

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Wedding Photography

Weddings are a big milestone for people. This is why we have made wedding photography our signature service. Of all the services we offer, wedding photography is the service we take the most pride in. Leave it to us to capture all the special moments and we promise we won't let you forget that special day for the rest of your days.

Package Options

- Packages Start at $900.00*

*limited package options included in this package.

Please contact us to request a price sheet for our wedding/event packages.

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Graphic Design Services

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